Request scans

Request to reproduce items

Requests for scans and high resolution files of digital materials should be placed through your TASCR account. Start your search at Archives@Tufts or, for high resolution scans of photographs, at the Tufts Digital Library. Once you identify material that you would like reproduced, you may place a request the "Request" button or by using the “My List” feature available on each page. Contact us at if you have any questions.


Fees and payments

Service Cost
Scanning (on demand for remote patrons or self-service in our Reading Room)*  No fee.
Audio tape digitization Cost of labor, materials, and/or vendor charges. Please contact TARC for information and options on fees.

* Please note that all patrons must consult with staff before using the self-service equipment.

In order to provide equitable access, users are limited to 500 pages of scanning or photocopying by TARC staff per calendar year. This limit does not apply to donors of collections material.

Fees do not apply to Tufts University administrative offices, departments, or schools or affiliated students and faculty, or collection donors. Orders from these offices or individuals in excess of 200 pages should be approved by the University Archivist.

Images that are requested for use in Tufts publications or for purposes that are directly Tufts-related are provided free of charge.

Please note that payment is accepted via our online payment portal.

Payment must be received before we will release an order. Exceptions must be approved by the University Archivist.

Please contact TARC for information regarding international payments.

Requests to copy TARC material constitute an agreement that you will not reproduce, transfer, distribute, broadcast, publicly display, offer for sale, or otherwise use or publish any material subject to copyright, or a portion thereof, in excess of fair use, as defined by copyright law, without the express permission of the copyright holder.

Please note that while TARC owns the materials in our collections, we usually do not own the copyright to these materials, except where it has been explicitly transferred to Tufts University. You are solely responsible for determining the copyright status of materials and obtaining permission to use material from the copyright holder. TARC cannot provide permission to publish or distribute materials when Tufts University is not the copyright holder.

We reserve the right to limit the number of copies made; to restrict the use of rare and valuable items; and to deny a request because of copyright regulations, privacy rights, donor-­imposed regulations, or other rights related issues.