Newspapers@Tufts is an online portal for browsing, searching, and reading Tufts University newspapers, including the Tufts Weekly, the Tufts Observer, and the Tufts Daily. The portal contains digital issues of all three primary student newspapers at Tufts and includes issues dating from the nineteenth through twenty-first century.

Tufts Archival Research Center (TARC) launched Newspapers@Tufts in January 2022. TARC’s digitization of historic newspapers is a many-year project that is projected to complete in late 2022.

Is every issue of every Tufts newspaper available in Newspapers@Tufts?

No. Newspapers@Tufts houses over 6,000 issues from the Tufts Weekly, Tufts Daily, and Tufts Observer. While TARC is working on digitizing the remaining issues of these newspapers, not every issue of those newspapers is available in the portal. Most issues are available in hard copy and can be requested for use in the TARC Reading Room.

What is available in Newspapers@Tufts?

Newspapers@Tufts contains over 6,000 issues from the Tufts Weekly, Tufts Daily and Tufts Observer. These student-run newspapers were and are published during the academic year and there are no issues for the summer months. Not all the issues held by TARC are available in Newspapers@Tufts. Date ranges covered by each newspaper are as follows, though there might be some smaller gaps within each range:

  • Tufts Weekly
    • 1896-1911
    • 1913-1968
  • Tufts Observer
    • 1969-1980
  • Tufts Daily
    • 1980-1983
    • 1987-2000
    • 2004-2020

How can I access newspaper issues not available on Newspapers@Tufts?

While we are working to include every issue of the Weekly, the Observer, and the Daily in Newspapers@Tufts, at present not every issue is available through the portal. You can use Archives@Tufts to explore our physical newspaper holdings and request a specific newspaper issue be made available in our Reading Room or digitized for you. If you have a specific research inquiry, please contact us.

How do I use Newspapers@Tufts?

Tips for searching and navigating Newspapers@Tufts can be found in the portal itself, under “Help” in the top menu.

How do I contact TARC with an inquiry?

If you have questions about Newspapers@Tufts or a research inquiry we can help you with, please contact us via our contact form, by calling us (617-627-3737) or emailing us at