Collections by Subject

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript collections held by Tufts Archival Research Center document a wide array of subject areas and time periods. Many of these collections have a strong link to Tufts, either to the institution itself; to faculty, students, alumni, and other members of the Tufts community; or to areas in which Tufts has had strong teaching and research interests.

In addition to the history of Tufts itself, we have substantial holdings in the areas of social and environmental activism and justice, broadcast journalism, Boston area performing arts, and the history of medicine.

The changing nature of Tufts's curricular interests and the range of contributions that Tufts faculty and alumni make to the development of modern society and culture influence the areas in which we focus collecting activities. Through consultations with the Tufts community, TARC strives to maintain the vitality and relevance of its collection programs so that they can continue to serve the teaching and research needs of the university.

Tufts University Archives

The Tufts University Archives is the official repository for all records of the university that have enduring historical, administrative, or community significance. The University Archives:

  • works with the schools, departments, and offices of the university to appraise the records that they create in the course of their activities and to select those that need to be preserved for future use;
  • works with students, alumni, faculty, and friends of the university to collect papers, graphic materials, audio recordings, and objects that document Tufts' life and history;
  • promotes and supports programs and activities that contribute to accessible information, interpretations, and research on Tufts history.