Tufts Time Capsule

Curious about the time capsule in the TARC Reading Room?

Color photo of wooden structure, the Tufts time capsule.
The Tufts Time Capsule in the TARC Reading Room. Photo by Pam Hopkins.

The time capsule, which remains on display in our Reading Room, was commissioned by the Tufts University Alumni Association on April 21, 2002 right here in the TARC offices. Though we don't know the actual contents of the capsule, which will be opened in 2052, its theme is "Jumbo Never Forgets," and was "a direct appeal to Tufts students and graduates for memories, suggestions and contributions."

The piece is a commissioned work by Tufts alumnus Kyle Damon (BFA '91) and incorporates moving parts symbolizing the passage of time.