Mission & Values


Tufts Archival Research Center (TARC) supports teaching, learning, research, and the advancement of knowledge by providing a trusted foundation for use, engagement with, and preservation of archival information in service of the mission of Tufts University.

TARC is the archives and manuscript repository of Tufts University and is open to the public. TARC’s team of professional archivists provide stewardship for the Tufts University Archives, several hundred manuscript collections, and other permanently valuable physical and digital archival materials. TARC staff also assist Tufts students, faculty, and staff with recordkeeping activities, through records management and digital library services.


  1. User focus and openness

TARC is a user-focused archives and manuscript repository. We strive to provide equitable and ethical access to all the material in our care.

We treat our users and colleagues with empathy and openness and work to ensure good user experiences in all that we do. We aim to be transparent in our activities and policies.

  1. Stewardship

TARC stewardship responsibilities are mandated in the University Records Policy. TARC staff are experts in the management and use of archival information. Staff are professionally trained in archival descriptive standards, analog and digital preservation practices, and records management and archival appraisal strategies. We complete our work according to professional guidelines and standards maintained by national and international archival organizations. We provide recordkeeping advice and support to all members of the University community.

  1. Community

As a central repository we serve the entire Tufts University community. TARC’s activities support and actively engage with students, faculty, staff and the other communities that we serve. We strive to support transformational experiences for students through teaching and engagement with primary source material within our collections. TARC’s documentation efforts increase understanding of and transparency at the University and facilitate good decision-making practices.