Color image of the illustrated cover of Voices, 1982.

In honor of May’s designation as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we’ve chosen Voices as our current featured collection. Voices is a literary and art publication produced by the Tufts Asian American Student Coalition.  Published  annually and semi-annually, the first issue of Voices was a joint effort between Asian and Asian-American students from Tufts University and Harvard-Radcliffe; more recent issues were produced by Tufts students. All  issues have been digitized and are fully available online in the Digital Library, with the print copies also available for viewing in our Reading Room during open hours when our normal schedule resumes. The collection was transferred  to the archives by the Tufts Asian Student Coalition (TASC) in 2018. 

Voices includes visual artwork (drawings, photographs, cartoons) as well as poetry, stories, essays, memoir, book reviews, interviews, profiles, various other forms of fiction and nonfiction, and surveys of the Tufts community. In addition to students, contributors to the magazine include professors and members of the Tufts administration, among them Dean Elizabeth Toupin. The introductions to each edition provide valuable insights into the issues affecting Asian and Asian-American students at Tufts, changes in organizational structures and support from various groups and individuals, and the ongoing dialogue about what it means to be part of the Asian/Asian-American community. 

Red, white, and black abstract painting by Kathy Lu
Subtle Chaos, by Kathy Lu. Voices, Spring 2014