University Records Manager awarded 2010 Tufts Distinction Award

DCA is happy to announce that one of its staff members, Eliot Wilczek, was given the CHANGE AGENT AWARD for creating new opportunities for innovation at Tufts.

Eliot works on a variety of University-wide information management initiatives. Because of his University-wide connections, Eliot is able to bring together stakeholders from different schools and a variety of departments to effect change. Eliot is well versed in best practices in the field of information management but is also results oriented when it come to implementing changes.

Eliot Wilczek, University Records Manager, grinning at a box of paper records

Eliot's accomplishments will be celebrated on June 9 in Cohen Auditorium, when President Lawrence S. Bacow will present the third annual Tufts Distinction Awards. Congratulations Eliot!