Tufts eScholarship

I'm pleased to announce the Tufts eScholarship collections in the Tufts Digital Library. The eScholarship collections showcase the Open Access publications and presentations of Tufts faculty and staff. It's a small set of papers right now, but growing rapidly.

DCA is proud of eScholarship's flagship collections, including many of the papers of Tufts philosopher Daniel Dennett and some of the research output of the Perseus Project. We are grateful to Professor Dennett and to the Perseus Project for partnering with us as we work to get Tufts' institutional repository launched.

The eScholarship collections, for the time being, contain faculty and staff scholarship. The Tufts Digital Library also contains plenty of student scholarship, including Master's theses from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, oral histories from the West-Medford African-American Remembrance and the Lost Theaters of Somerville projects, and student research projects from the anthropology class "Urban Borderlands".

Over the next several months, you will see many new papers come into the eScholarship collections, as well as improvements in the user interface. Have ideas about what might make these collections easier to use? Leave us a comment right here with your suggestions!