Summertime Events

It's summer, but there is still a lot going on at here DCA!

On June 9, 2010, Eliot Wilczek, University Records Manager, received a "Change Agent" Award at the Tufts Distinction Awards ceremony in Cohen Auditorium. The ceremony and reception were a lot of fun for DCA, and for all the coworkers of those who received this year's Distinction Awards.

Eliot Wilczek receives Change Agent Award

On Tuesday July 20, 2010, DCA and UIT Academic Technology will present a one-day regional Fedora conference. Thornton Staples of DuraSpace will give an overview of DuraSpace, Fedora, and DuraCloud, and Mark Leggott of the University of Prince Edward Island will talk about Islandora, a Fedora and Drupal-based tool. There will also be ample opportunity for Fedora users to share their projects and concerns. Register for this FREE conference online at

DCA has been participating in Tufts University Libraries' professional developmental efforts. To that end, Susanne Belovari, Archivist for Reference and Collections, invited the Discovery Platforms Library Team to DCA and showed them a sampling of the diverse materials stored in the Archives. She spoke about the differences between library cataloging and archival arrangement and description, and between how library and archival materials are discovered.

On Wednesday August 18, 2010, DCA will give a presentation to librarians about Fedora Commons. Fedora Commons is a digital object repository administered by Academic Technology and used by DCA. The presentation will be technical in focus and will cover:

  • Fedora Commons system architecture (data objects, datastreams,
    metadata, content models, disseminators)
  • indexing, discovery, and delivery applications built on top of Fedora Commons
  • workflow for creating and ingesting digital objects into Fedora Commons