Prospectus for Linked Archival Metadata: A Guidebook Released

Prospectus for Linked Archival Metadata: A Guidebook Released

Tufts University Digital Collections and Archives announces the release of a prospectus for Linked Archival Metadata: A Guidebook. The Guidebook is the primary deliverable of Tufts' IMLS-funded National Leadership Grant planning project, Linked Archival Metadata (LiAM). Tufts is calling for comments and feedback on the prospectus for the Guidebook to be submitted by April 30.

LiAM is focused on planning for the application of linked data approaches to archival description. Our goal is to better understand the benefits that linked data could bring to the management, discovery, and use of archival collections while also investigating the efforts required to implement these approaches. Central to this effort is identifying graduated approaches that will enable archives to build on existing description as well as mapping out a more ambitious vision for linked data in archives.

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The Guidebook prospectus is available at:

We look forward to your input. Comments or questions may be posted on the website using the comments feature.