New Online Exhibit: Tufts Black Freedom Trail, a walking tour

We are excited and pleased to announce the availability of a new online exhibit from DCA and the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy!

Screenshot of the Tufts Black Freedom Trail walking tour online exhibit Screenshot of the Tufts Black Freedom Trail walking tour online exhibit

This exhibit, built on the work of the late Professor Gerald R. Gill, documents and connects many of the places and moments in African American history at Tufts. The Tufts Black Freedom trail includes sites specific to the Tufts Medford/Somerville campus. For more information on the African American Freedom Trail Project at Tufts, which includes sites beyond the Tufts campus, please contact the Center for Race and the Study of Democracy.

The Tufts Black Freedom Trail was conceived of by the Professor Gerald Gill (1948-2007), a faculty member in the History department at Tufts University who taught African American history and worked to document Black history at the University. Material related to Professor Gill’s research can be found in the Gerald R. Gill Papers, held by Tufts Digital Collections and Archives. This exhibit is one of several based on Professor Gill’s work, including Another Light on the Hill: Black Students at Tufts.

The tour can be walked in any order, or visited virtually through the exhibit. As currently laid out, the sites start at the Stearns Estate Marker on College Avenue and move through campus towards Somerville and Powder House Square. We invite you to explore the Medford/Somerville campus, on foot or virtually, from your computer or from your phone, through this online exhibit enhanced with historic images from DCA’s archival collections!