Never the twain shall meet?

I have a confession to make. I love office supplies. I really, really love them. The rainbow of color-coded file folders, the audacious quality of a turquoise post-it, the bold assertions of a red sharpie marker, and the elegant glide of roller-ball pen. But I don't like pencils - they're smudgy, they lack precision. As an archivist, I crave precision - clear lines, right angles, and uniform data entry - they make my day just a little bit better. How then, shall I reconcile my love of office supplies with the inherent restrictions of my chosen vocation? Can I love the sharpie marker while recognizing its dangerous permanence and vaporous off-gassing? Can I use my post-it notes while remembering with caution those hard lessons learned with scotch tape? All archivists have dealt with the aftermath of their predecessors, who loved their office supplies not wisely, but too well. I send this out you, my fellow archivists. Here's to you, who along with me, have replaced your love of translucent plastic storage totes with grey drop-front document boxes.

Archival letter with a Post-it note attached

Archival object marked fragile with a note written on it in sharpie

Disclaimer: These images are for educational purposes only. No DCA employee would ever perpetrate such a travesty of office supply misuse.