King of the Wild Frontier!

Casual viewers (as opposed to researchers) come to New Nation Votes looking for election information about a variety of people.  For the most part they look for two types of people - either Presidential candidates in their earlier elections (such as James Madison, whose numerous electoral results can be found here) or family members while doing genealogical research.  But sometimes, you can come upon something you weren't expecting.

What you can see here are the results for the district of the Tennessee House of Representatives that consisted of Carroll, Henderson, Humphreys, Madison and Perry Counties in 1823.  That might not seem like much until you look at the winning candidate and see the name David Crockett.  Yes, this is the self-same man who would later serve in the U.S. House of Representatives and would die in the Alamo in March of 1836.  Before people become legends, they sometimes serve in the state legislature.