Is it spring yet?

With temperatures this week ranging from 22 degrees to the 50s, I think we are justified in asking whether it is spring yet - that is in any way more than technically. My thoughts are akin to those of the snowman pictured here:


Somebody tell nature to make winter go away.

In the hopes of encouraging spring, I thought I'd reflect Tufts' spring time traditions, such as Spring Sing. From 1941-1967 fraternities, sororities, and dormitory groups would prepare a song for a competition sponsored by the senior honor society, Tower Cross. This competition, which was judged by an outside judge, was usually held outside Miner Hall.

And if that doesn't sound like fun, consider Spring Fling. Spring Fling is held every April on the Medford Campus and may include a comedy show, block parties, and a concert on the President's Lawn. The musical line-up often includes nationally recognized acts. Yes, the ladies really do like cool James...