Goodbye to DCA

By Krista Ferrante.

After over five years, I will be saying goodbye to Tufts Digital Collections and Archives. I can’t think of a better place to have started my career. I came as a security guard and left an archivist. Where else could I have learned how to organize boxes, code election data into XML, create macros, manipulate regular expressions, write on the command line, scan, talk with programers and change the way archival description is done. Most importantly I learned from this group how to collaborate in the face of change.

And boy, have things changed. There was the era of the Roberts, the era of the Mikes and the era of Kyna. A new office, new people and new projects. Personally it has been a time of tremedous change for me. I got hitched, bought a house and had a baby and you couldn’t ask for a more supportive group. There were good times had at conferences from Minneapolis to London. And good drinks had down in Davis Square

Back at the office, Michelle, Jen, Deborah and I had our fantasy Digital Library boyfriends. I couldn’t pick one so I went with the entire Men’s swim team from 1970.
I will definitely miss the enriching adhoc discussions of vampire fantasies, politics and apocolytic nightmare scenarios. And while there will be much better lunch options at my new job at Harvard’s Houghton Library, I will miss the boloco runs for a little mid-day burrito bliss

The past five years have been a series of soft money projects that have given me some real solid experience. Thank you to my friends and colleagues that I have had the pleasure to work with through the New Nations Votes Project and here at the DCA, especially Jen, Veronica, Deborah, Susanne, Michelle, Rob, and Robert. And I want to give special thanks to my mentors Eliot and Anne who have been there through it all.