Ex College: Funky classes of the twentieth century

The Tufts University Experimental College allows Tufts undergraduates access to courses outside the traditional liberal arts curriculum. These classes range from the downright quirky to the groundbreaking courses in what will eventually become the canon, such as the university's earliest attempts at building an Afro-American studies program. (There's more about the Ex College's history in Light on the Hill, Volume II, starting from the Experimental College's first founding out of 1945's Living Flame Memorial Foundation/Civic Education Foundation.)

As I was browsing "A Guide to the Experimental College Records, 1958-96", I realized that in 1972 I could have taken "Crossword Puzzles"; in 1973 I could have taken either "Somerville, Ma" or "Silversmithing and Enameling"; and in 1974 I could have taken "COBOL Programming".

What would YOU take at the Experimental College? What would you teach? If I had time I'd love to teach something about contemporary romance scholarship.