Daniel Dennett Wins 2012 Erasmus Prize

Daniel Dennett sun-dappled in front of a tree

Tufts Professor of Philosophy Daniel Dennett has received the 2012 Erasmus Prize from the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation, joining the ranks of such luminaries as Mary Robinson, Simon Wiesenthal, Fatima Mernissi, Claude Lévi-Strauss, and Marc Chagall. The foundation, when announcing Professor Dennett's award, said:

Dennett is an eloquent teacher who addresses the questions of our time with great audacity. He is optimistic about science and demonstrates in his work the importance of knowledge, critical thinking, and an open attitude to ‘other’ ideas. He is a source of inspiration to both his colleague-scientists and to a larger audience.

The foundation also praised Professor Dennett for "his ability to translate the cultural significance of science and technology to a broad audience". Professor Dennett is so dedicated to communication with the broadest audience that he has donated his papers to the Tufts Digital Collections and Archives, making an Open Access commitment to share his scholarship with the wider community. Most of Professor Dennett's articles are available at the Tufts Digital Library.

Congratulations, Professor Dennett, and we thank you for your commitment to Open Access and discussing philosophical ideas with the larger community of global citizens.