DCA Welcomes T.J. Anderson

T.J. Anderson is a distinguished and influential composer who taught in the Department of Music at Tufts from 1972 to 1990. Anderson is now Austin Fletcher Professor of Music Emeritus, and he received an honorary Doctor of Music from Tufts in 2007. Digital Collections and Archives is proud to have a collection of T.J. Anderson’s papers. Our collection includes biographical materials, personal papers, awards, posters, CDs, and most importantly, musical compositions--both scores and working notes written by Anderson. Next week the Granoff Music Center will host “Call and Response: A Festival of New Music Honoring T.J Anderson’s 80th Birthday.” If you are at Tufts for this event, why not stop by the Archives and check out the T.J. Anderson collection? Come see for yourself the works of this living legend and memorabilia of his accomplishments. tjanderson001.jpg