DCA Inaugural Blog Post

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) blog. [Maren Seidler holding a shot put]We at DCA are excited to share with you the wealth of great collections we hold in the archives. You can look forward to posts highlighting famous alums and events from Tufts’ history as well as updates on exhibits and trainings we are sponsoring. Ever wonder who a building or street on campus is named after? Well, keep checking the DCA blog and you just might find out! Wondering what the Tufts cannon looks like this week? Look for our recurring series, Cannon Shots!

Did you know that Tufts has a long history of Olympic athletes? Ted Vogel, class of 1949, competed in the Olympic marathon in 1948 and in 1952 Robert Backus, class of 1951, competed in the 16-pound hammer throw at the Helsinki Olympics. Tufts’ first female Olympian, Maren Seidler, is also one of the greatest athletes in U.S. Track and Field history. Seidler competed in four Olympics, including the tragic 1972 Munich games. She was the first American woman to throw the shot put more than 60 feet and still holds the U.S. record in this event.

For more information on Tufts Olympians, check out the DCA Department of Athletics collections and Rocky Carzo’s book, Jumbo Footprints: A History of Tufts Athletics, 1852-1999.