Announcing release of Center for Health, Environment and Justice finding aid

The DCA is pleased to announce that the finding aid for the papers of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice is now available.

cover image for Love Canal book by Lois GibbsThe Center for Health, Environment and Justice was founded in 1981 by Lois Marie Gibbs. The organization began as an information clearinghouse for environmental health issues and developed into an organization that focuses on raising awareness for environmental health concerns and assisting communities, organizations and individuals faced with environmental threats. CHEJ publishes a quarterly newsletter, Everyone's Backyard, and works on campaigns that raise awareness of significant environmental threats to communities across the country and abroad. CHEJ works by conducting conversations with community leaders about their problems and provides advice, leadership training, education and assistance. Through this approach they are able to address a large number of environmental threats and empower communities to take action on their own.

Ms. Gibbs will be on campus this weekend to receive an honorary doctor of public service degree at Tufts' commencement on Sunday, May 19, 2013.