Construction Project Records


Do not follow the records retention schedule to destroy records that are currently part of–or you are aware that they are going to be part of–any legal action or proceeding, litigation, audit, investigation, or review. For more information, see the Subpoenas for University Records Policy.

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These records are used to document the planning, administration, and implementation of current and potential construction projects; to project needs for projects; and as a reference to projects once they have been completed. These records also provide documentation of the funding of current construction projects on campus and to prepare budgets and allocations for construction projects. These records may include but are not limited to: project descriptions and requirements; plans; plan reviews; project schedules; contract change orders; bid documentation; contracts and agreements with architects, artists, engineers, consultants, vendors, and contractors; materials and soils reports; progress reports; insurance reports; payment schedules; summary reports; memos; and final acceptance statements. These records also include project descriptions, budget projection and allocation records, budget authorization forms, budget change orders, final acceptance statements, and related documentation and correspondence.

Construction Project Records info
Record HolderRetention PeriodDisposition
Official Copy Construction Management


Transfer to Tufts Archival Research Center and/or manage in construction management system. 

Unofficial Copy Departments and Offices

Consult with Tufts Archival Research Center

Consult with Tufts Archival Research Center


Construction project records might include transitory and duplication documents that may be confidentially destroyed when they are no longer used or before they are transferred to the Tufts Archival Research Center. 

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