Meeting Minutes and Agenda


Do not follow the records retention schedule to destroy records that are currently part of–or you are aware that they are going to be part of–any legal action or proceeding, litigation, audit, investigation, or review. For more information, see the Subpoenas for University Records Policy.

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These records document the orders of business and proceedings of meetings held by departments, offices and other entities.

Meeting Minutes and Agenda info
Record HolderRetention PeriodDisposition
Official Copy Departments and Offices


Transfer to Tufts Archival Research Center

Unofficial Copy See Notes

Until no longer needed

Confidential Destruction


Most departments and offices produce many copies of minutes and agenda. Departments and offices should determine which copy is the official copy and manage it accordingly. All other copies are unofficial copies and should be managed accordingly. Minutes can document meetings with a varying degree of detail, from summarizing what everyone says at a meeting to only recording votes. Determine how a meeting needs to be documented before writing the minutes.

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