Budget Records


Do not follow the records retention schedule to destroy records that are currently part of–or you are aware that they are going to be part of–any legal action or proceeding, litigation, audit, investigation, or review. For more information, see the Subpoenas for University Records Policy.

Schedule Number

These records provide a record of departmental fiscal activity presented in summary form which may be used for budget planning. These records may be used to analyze budget cuts or restructuring of programs. These records may include, but are not limited to, working papers, memorandums, final summary reports and spreadsheets, and related documentation and correspondence.

Budget Records info
Record HolderRetention PeriodDisposition
Official Copy Finance Division

Delineated in the Finance Division Records Policy

Confidential destruction

Unofficial Copy Departments and Offices

Summary Budget reports: Permanent

All other records: Until no longer needed

Summary Budget reports: Transfer to Tufts Archival Research Center

All other records: Confidential destruction


Confidentially destroy periodic budget reports generated from financial systems, budget calculations, draft budgets, and documents used to formulate budgets when they are no longer needed. Retain annual or project budget summary reports or proposals permanently.

Official Copy of Budget records
The Finance Division manages a wide range of budget records. The retention and disposition of budget records managed by the Finance Division are detailed in the Finance Division Records Policy.

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